Plant Pathology


Plant pathology means the branch of botanical science that concern with diseases of plants. Like the health of the human, plants get illness with some diseases so it should be cured to have healthy crops and trees. The person who deals with the cure of plant disease is plant pathologist. A healthy plant is relatively free of biotic and a biotic limiting their production potential. Serious pests are a highlight of life in today agriculture and forestry. Effective pest control remains an absolute necessity and therefore a series of techniques achieved various impressive pesticides. Plant diseases are caused by a variety of living organisms (called pathogens) such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes, phytoplasmas, plants and protozoan parasites, and non-living agents such as air pollutants, nutrient imbalances, and environmental factors. Plant pathologists use the equipment of modern science and techniques to unravel the mysteries of how pathogens attack plants and understand the effects of environmental conditions in occupational diseases are based on plant pathologists to provide books development and many brochures on diseases of plants useful for clinical work using modern technology diagnostic for direct consultation and in field situations. its a race to be a laboratory technician or researcher or elsewhere, its a best career choice