Dairy Technology & Mgmt
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Dairy management involves multiple functions and diverse an area including several principles. With the introduction of modern technology, diary sector has now a full fledge industry status. Dairy industry in the application of principles of management is the defining characteristic of modern dairy management. Indias second largest milk producer in the world and the white of the pillars of the Indian economy, designed to milk as a revolution. India plays an active role in agriculture-based economy. First there is the active role played by the state now with a few cooperative societies, were, there are cooperatives of milk producers in each state. These small milk producer cooperatives not only protect but also for production and storage and sale of milk to bring a change in transportation manage. Dairy industry is now big business for small dairy farmers. It is OK to purchase animals for breeding, great care is taken. Processing of milk, it packing transports it to different markets, its continued supply, etc. A professional approach is required. Dairy Management course carefully manage production planning and dairy farms, milk protection entrepreneurship development, entrepreneurship development in dairy processing and dairy farms, cooperatives and industry about the management is to provide students basic input.