Investment management


If you are one of those interested in the ups and downs of the financial market, and is into reading finance based news papers, checking stock prices on the internet or watching CNBC, investment management is the right career choice for you. Investment is one of the most important aspect of capital formation, others being savings and consumption. Investment management plays an important role in designing the financing needs of an undertaking whether it is public or private. The other name of Investment Management is Asset/Money management. In the banking sector, it is referred to as Fund investment management.

Investment management is the process of managing financial assets, such as stocks and bonds, and real assets, such as real estate, to meet the objectives of the owner/investor. Investment management is about managing/raising money by investing it in a variety of asset classes including equities (or shares) and bonds. Investment management includes managing mutual funds, assets, private consulting for individual clients and pension funds for companies, retirement planning and estate planning for individuals. The task involves supervising the proper utilization of hard earned money or assets of the clients. In other sense, investment management involves analyzing the risk and return of various financial assets. Investment management services are sought by investors, which could be companies, banks, insurance firms or individuals, with the purpose of meeting stated financial goals.

Investment manager is one who specializes in placing money in diverse instruments in order to accomplish predetermined goals. Investment managers are found in each and every multinational corporation. They advices and offers expertise to corporations in mergers and acquisitions. Investment managers are also widely known as fund managers. Their functions are more or less same as that of finance managers. In small firms, these positions are often combined. They are responsible for the companys investment in the market. It means they control inflow and outflow of cash. Through proper forecasting and planning, they determine the best means of investing material and financial resources in order to make profit. They are primarily responsible for the development of new business/ attaining goals of their firms. They analyze the clients financial situation, recommends the best method of raising funds, structures transactions, makes client presentations etc to accomplish the desired goal.