AP State Syllabus 9th Class English Solutions Chapter 3C Homework

Answer the following questions

1.What is the main purpose of giving homework to children?

ans:Strengthening the childs learning is the main purpose of homework

2.How can excessive homework decrease students interest in studies?

ans:Excessive homework makes students dull in their studies. Heavy work makes them feel tired and bored. It decreases their interest in studies. Researches have proved this point beyond doubt

3.Why do many teachers defend large amounts of homework?

ans:Many teachers defend heavy homework. They say it is necessary in the highly competitive atmosphere of these days

5.How does homework take time away from important elements of daily life?

ans:Heavy homework takes the entire time of children. They dont find time to play, exercise, develop social and family bonds, have fun and sleep for sufficient time

6.Is the writer in favour of or against homework? Justify your reasons?

ans:The writer is against the heavy homework. He welcomes limited, interesting, enjoyable and productive homework. He lists the harmful effects of excessive homework

Project Work

Conduct a survey to find out the kind of reading material the children like to be included in the textbook which makes them more interesting

Ask them which of the following they enjoy most and complete the table

Comics poems Biographies fairy tales playlets stories Skits jokes scientific essays news reports folklore diaries songs magazines essays essays

Work in groups and consolidate the data you have collected. Collect the data in the given format


Prepare a pie chart with the collected data

Analyse the pie chart and name the materials they enjoyed reading

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Homework Summary in English

The essay is an excellent analysis of the advantages and the otherwise ofhomework. It uses a number of examples, statistics, arguments and critical surveys. Both the sides of the coin are presented in a balanced way

Homework is mainly to strengthen the pupils learning. It should by rule be limited, interesting, enjoyable, purposeful and productive. In recent times, homework has, on the other hand, become heavy, boring and counter productive

Competition and baseless thinking on the part of some teachers and parents have added to the burden of homework

Excessive homework is very harmful in more than one way. It eats into the childs free time. Children miss their social life. Family relations do not develop in the desired manner. Children dont find time to play and exercise. Even academically also, they become dull. Thus, burdensome homework injures children physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and morally. Hence less is more should be the rule. Interesting, enjoyable homework in a limited quantity is advisable and welcome

Homework Glossary

reinforce (v) : strengthen counter-productive (adj) : harmful; producing negative results curriculum (n) : syllabus obesity (n) : over weight; a condition in which a persons body is heavier than what is desirable, healthy low self-esteem (n) : lower confidence levels depression (n) : a state of total hopelessness precious (adj) : very valuable resort to (v) : adopt; follow assignments (n-plural) : tasks to be completed; homework

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