9th Class English Chapter 3B Not Just a Teacher, but a Friend Textbook Questions and Answers

I. Answer the following questions

1.Why does the student consider the teacher his friend?

ans:The student is sad. He has no one to share his sorrow. He doesnt know where to go. Then, he meets his teacher. The teacher company makes him comfortable. Hence the boy consideres the teacher his friend

2.How does the teacher take the student out of his gloom?

ans:The teacher listens to the boy. He offers the boy comfort. He provides the boy with the needed courage. He brings out the boy real soul. He finds time to see if the boy is fine. In the company of this teacher-friend, the boy is all smiles

3.Why does the student fail to estimate the teacher correctly?

ans:The boy moves to the higher class. He is worried that he would miss his teacher-friend. As a young boy, he fails to understand that great teacher concern for him

4.How does the poet glorify the relationship between the teacher and the student?

ans:The poet lays bare the boy heart. That brings out the dizzy heights of the teacher personality. The boy is sad. The teacher makes him glad. The boy feels lonely. The teacher makes him lively. The relationship between them is that of love and affection. They become a model teacher student pair. The bond between them makes everyone fond of them

Not Just a Teacher, but a Friend Summary in English

The poem is a moving account of a noble teacher being a kind friend of a student with no one to depend on. The boy was sad. He had not a soul to share his sorrow with. He had nowhere to go. Then he saw this teacher. He trusted the teacher

He poured out his feelings. The teacher extended his healing hand. The boy felt relieved. Whenever the boy felt unhappy, he would go to his teacher and found comfort in his company

When the boy moved to a higher grade, he was worried that he would miss his favourite teacher. But he was wrong. The relationship only grew strong. The teacher would find time to greet the boy. The boy would smile and feel happy. Hence the boy feels that the teacher is also his friend

Not Just a Teacher, but a Friend Glossary

trust (v) : believe in ; have faith in true soul (phrase) : the real self : the hidden power next grade (phrase) : higher class fade (v) : become dull; pale fate (v) : destiny; future

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