9th Class English Chapter 2A True Height Textbook Questions and Answers

Read the following quotation and answer the questions that follow

1.What, according to you, does this quotation express?

ans:The quotation tells us to dream first, think about it next and work on it finally

2.Is it essential to dream high? How can anyone make one dream come true?

ans:Yes, it is good to dream high. Our dear Teacher Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam rightly says, "small aim is a big crime"

One can make one dream come true with careful planning and continuous, consistent work with confidence, competence and with dedication, and discipline

3.What is your dream in life?

ans:My dream in life is to become a man-making teacher and work for quality human resource development

4.Have you ever heard of a child with special needs becoming a champion?

ans:Yes, I have heard of a child with special needs becoming a champion. A sixteen year old child with multiple complaints completed the cycling race much ahead of hundreds of healthy and older participants


I. Answer the following questions

1.What was Michael Stone dream?

ans:Michael Stone dream was to become a champion in pole-vaulting

2.What impact did the mother stories have on Michael?

ans:Michael mother, Mildred Stone was a good story teller. When Michael was growing up, she told him a number of stories about flying. They were full of details and colour. They inspired Michael to dream high. In his dreams, he would outrun motorcars and fly like an eagle

3.How did Michal prepare himself to become an Olympic champion?

ans:Even as a young boy of 14, Michael started working hard. He began a careful, disciplined weightlifting programme. On alternate days, he practised running. His father supervised his preparation. Michael always strived for perfection. Thus his preparation to become an Olympic champion was planned, complete and perfect

4.Michael mother and father had different ideas about training. How did these two approaches help Michael fulfil his dream?

ans:Michael parents had different ideas about training. Mother encouraged the much needed dreaming. And father demanded the essential hard work. Mother provided inspiration. Father brought out perspiration (hard work). Thus Michael derived help from his parents

5.What was so special about Michael achievement?

ans:Michael achievement was really so special. Michael was blind. And yet he became an Olympic champion


I. Synonyms

Use a thesaurus/dictionary to find out synonyms of these words from the biographical account you have read

Word Synonyms quench # glamour # passion # persistence # arrogant # pounding # ans: Word Synonyms quench satisfy, fulfil, appease, fill, gratify glamour attraction, appeal, charm, grace, radiance passion eagerness, enthusiasm, emotion, fervour, fire, intensity, desire, zeal persistence perseverance, dedication, diligence, tenacity arrogant proud, conceited, vain, haughty, insolent pounding proud, conceited, vain, haughty, insolent

Note: Synonyms are words with similar not the same - meaning. Synonyms should belong to the same part of speech

II. Suffixes

Suffixes are groups of letters that are attached to words at their ends. (Groups of letters attached to words at their beginnings are called prefixes.) Suffixes generally change the parts of speech of the words to which they are attached

Look at the following words taken from the passage


Now, pick out the suffix from each word and form new words of your own in the table given below. One is done for you


ans: <""./> <""./>

III. Collocations

A collocation is an arrangement of words or other elements, especially those that commonly co-occur

e.g.: heart-felt congratulation. There are certain word combinations

  • Adjective + Noun : e.g. bright/harsh/intense/strong light
  • Verb + Noun : e.g. cast/ emit/give/provide/shed light
  • Noun + Verb : e.g. light gleams/glows/shines
  • Noun +Noun : e.g. a light source
  • Preposition+ Noun : e.g. by the light of the moon
  • Noun+ Preposition : e.g. the light from the window
  • Quantifier+ Noun : e.g. (of) a beam / ray of light

a dictionary and write which word in column 1 can collocate with those in the next five columns. Put a tick (?) mark in the relevant column. Use the apt collocations in your own sentences


ans: <""./>

Sentences using collocations
  • The mother has heartfelt sympathy on her children
  • I received heartfelt congratulations from my friends when I obtained good marks
  • You have our deep sympathy on the loss of your father
  • Becoming a police officer was my childhood dream
  • He expresses his opinion on his marriage with Latha
  • Expressing strong opinion on you is very difficult to me
  • She received a warm welcome from her friends in America


Look at the following sentences taken from the reading passage

  • As he raced down the golden-lined wheat fields, he would always outrun the locomotives passing by
  • When he heard the singing of some distant robins in flight, he knew it was his time to fly
  • Since the other vaulter had fewer misses, Michael needed to clear this vault to win
  • In the above sentences the clauses with as and when denote time whereas since denotes reason. As and when refer to time and the other parts state what happened at that time. In the third sentence, the clause beginning with since states the reason and the other states the consequence

    The words as, when, since are conjunctions, which connect two sentences (clauses). The clauses containing these words are called Adverbial clauses. These adverbial clauses cannot stand independently, so they are called Dependent clauses orSubordinate clauses. The clause that stands on its own is an Independent clause or Main clause

    The linkersas, when and since (Adverbs) are placed before the clauses to make them Subordinate clauses

    Now, read the biographical account once again and pick out the Adverbial clauses and Main clauses and write them in the table or in your notebook


    ans: <""./> <""./>

    Complete the following sentences with appropriate Adverbial clauses. Use the adverbs wherever they are given in brackets

    • The teacher entered the class ___________ .
    • The dog ran into a speeding car ___________ .
    • 1 was in deep sleep ___________ .
    • Someone knocked at the door ___________ .
    • The crowd cheered Michael Stone ___________ . (as soon as)
    • It is high time the cricket board thought of different alternatives ___________ . (as)
    • The teacher entered the class when the bell had rung
    • The dog ran into a speeding car as it did not notice the car
    • I was in deep sleep when father came home and tried to wake me up
    • Someone knocked at the door as I was doing my homework
    • The crowd cheered Michael Stone as soon as he cleared the 17 feet 6½ inches height
    • It is high time the cricket board thought of different alternatives as there have been a series of failures on the part of the Indian cricket team


    You have read the biography of Michael Stone. Think of some world-famous sporting personalities from India. Collect information about any one of them and write a biographical sketch

    You may include the following

    • Date and place of birth
    • Information about the family
    • Achievements of the person : awards, prizes, honors, etc
    • Important events in the life of the person - education, marriage, profession, etc
    • Inspiration to others/message to the society
    • Contribution to his/her field and society

    Abhinav Bindre - The Ace Shooter

    India thirst for a gold in Olympics individual events remained unquenched for over a hundred years. India had a taste of the individual gold only in 2008 Beijing Olympics when Abhinav Bindre achieved the land mark in 10M Air Rifle Shooting

    Abhinav Singh Bindre was born on 28 September 1982 in Dehradun in Uttarakhand (then Uttar Pradesh). Born into a very wealthy family of Sikhs, he had his early education in the world famous Doon School. Later, he moved to St. Stephen School from where he graduated in 2000. He did his B.B.A. in Colorado University of the U.S.A. He did a Diploma course in Mental Management too. He was pursuing his Doctorate in Business Management

    His skill as an expert shooter was identified quite early. His very supportive and affluent parents had got built exclusively for Bindre an indoor shooting range at home in Patiala! Services of a Mental coach Surabh Bhattacharjee, Lt. Col. Dhillon, and five time Olympic shooter Gabriele Buhlmans were made available to young Bhindre

    With his innate skills and excellent support from family, Bhindre started to shine from a very young age. At 15, he was the youngest participant in 1998 Commonwealth Games. His successes since then have been continuous and remarkable. He won a Bronze medal in the 2001 Munich World Cup. But in the same year, he won six Gold medals in various international events. 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games crowned him with another Gold. 2004 Olympics saw him break the previous records, though he failed to win a medal. And in 2006, he became the first Indian to win the World Championship. 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games added one more Gold to his tally. Severe backache didnt deter him from winning an Olympic Gold in 2008

    Various State Governments and Central Government honoured him amply and rewarded him with cash prizes. Arjuna Award in 2000 and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna in 2001 are remarkable honours for him. Most memorable for him must be his flag bearing role in the opening ceremony of 2010 Commonwealth Games and taking the Athlete oath on behalf of 6,700 participants from 71 countries

    A Shot at History - My Obsessive journey to Gold is his version of his achievements. Abhinav Bindre life and achievements remain a source of inspiration to young aspirants

    Study Skills

    You have finished reading the text "True Height". Write the summary of the story in your own words. Use the following ideas to complete your summary effectively

    • Make a note of the important points in the text and the supporting details
    • Sequence of the events
    • Identify the words/ phrases which carry ideas
    • Use appropriate linkers
    • Focus on the words/phrases that express the essence of the text
    • Present the ideas briefly in your own words
    • Do not include examples in the summary
    • Summary of The Reading Text

      "True Height is a truly touching story of Michael Stone, written by David Naster. Michael was the son of Bert and Mildred Stones. Mildred always told Michael stories of flying high. That made Michael dream and dream high. Father Bert was a practical man. He always wanted Michael to work hard to win. He was also a coach and trainer to his son. With inspiration from mother, guidance from father, and his own determination, dedication, and discipline, Michael grew into an excellent pole-vault expert with the flexibility of an athlete and the strength of a body builder

      Michael was also a good student and helped parents in their farm work. With his regular practice, devoted work he went on reaching unbeatable heights in pole-vault. By clearing 17 feet 6½ inches Michael created National and International Junior Olympics record. Congratulations overwhelmed Michael. Father was crying the greatest tears of pride. Michael Stone success was very significant. The reason . Michael Stone was blind


      Practise listening carefully. Then you will be able to speak. Listen to the commentary on a cricket match and answer the questions

      Cricket Commentary

      Hello, good morning, viewers. This is Sunil Gavaskar with Ravi Sastry. Welcome to Uppal Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad. It is a sunny morning. Electrifying atmosphere in this jam-packed Stadium. The crowd is expecting an exciting match-a war of nerves between the arch rivals, India and Pakistan. The local boy V.V.S. Laxman is the centre of attraction as it is his home ground

      Having won the toss, India elected to bat first. The inform openers Gambhir and Sehwag are at the crease

      The first ball of the day, an in-swinging yorker into the pads of Sehwag from Umar Gul. He is all hands up. There is a loud appeal for Ibw. Luckily, for Sehwag and for India it is a noball. There is absolute silence in the stadium

      Here comes Gul again! Sehwag is ready. Gul pitches the ball at the good length area. Sehwag goes backfoot, plays it gently to the square leg area. The batsmen cross for a quick single. Sehwag opens his account with that single. India is 2 for no loss of a wicket

      This brings Gambhir on to strike. The third ball of the over. This time a slightly misdirected ball on the leg stump and Gambhir comes forward and hits straight over the head of the bowler for a four

      Gul changes the guard. This time a very well-directed short-pitch delivery. Oh! What a delivery. But Gambhir connects the ball. What a sweet timing! In a flash the ball disappears into the stands. The umpire Steve Buckner declared it a six. The crowd jump on to their feet. With that Gambhir quickly moves on to 10 and India 12 without loss. There is a conversation between Gul and Shahid Afridi. It seems the captain has a piece of advice. And there is some field adjustment for Gambhir, Now let see how it works

      Umar Gul comes in and bowls to Gambhir. What a cracking delivery! It breaks the defense of Gambhir, Oh! The middle stump goes cart-wheeling. He out. Pakistan celebrates. The jubilant Gul runs to hug his captain. The crowd is dumbstruck. But the umpire Buckner signalled it a noball. Gambhir survives. A great sigh of relief on his face. How lucky this man is! The crowd comes alive again and cheers up. What an excitement in the very first over itself!

      The final ball of the over. This time it is a slow ball from Gul. Gambhir elegantly pushes the ball to the onside and completes the run but there is a fumble by the fielder. The batsmen try for the second. Will they complete it? Yes. Now the score moves on to 15. Gambhir is on 12

      I. Tick (?) only the correct ones from the statements given below

      • Sachin and Gambhir opened the Indian innings. (?)
      • Umar Gul opened the Pakistan attack. (?)
      • Laxman is one among the Indian squad. (?)
      • Gul bowled out Gambhir. (?)
      • India is 15 without loss after the first over, (?)

      II. Answer the following questions

      1. Which two world teams of cricket do you like? Why?

      ans:I like Indian team and Australian team, I love their art of playing, team spirit, sporting spirit and human approach

      2. Who are the openers?

      ans:Sehwag and Gambhir are the openers

      3. Who are the commentators?

      ans:Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Sastri are the commentators

      III. Complete the Score Board given below

      India Vs Pakistan


      ans: <""./>

      Oral Activity

      Imagine, you were listening to the commentary, your father came there and reminded you of the ensuing examinations. He said, "Listening to cricket commentary is a waste of time." Now develop a conversation between you and your father?

      Father : Hey Avinash ! What are you doing ? Examinations are just a week ahead, and you are listening to cricket commentary ! Isnt it a sheer waste of time

      Avinash : Sorry father! I just started to listen to commentary. I have been studying lessons for long. As I felt like relaxing for a few moments, I switched on the radio

      Father : But you can listen to music to ralax

      Avinash : True, father. But cricket commentary can also be useful in many ways. First, it gives us a chance to improve listening skills. Then it gives us quite interesting information. Analytical and presentation skills can also be improved. Sometimes we feel inspired to achieve great goals too

      Father : Sounds you are right. But I have my own doubts

      Avinash : Your doubts have base father. If we become an addict to commentary, we will waste all our time. As long as we are within our limits, listening to cricket commentary can be a productive and enjoyable activity

      Father : Seems we elders can pick up a point or two from you brilliant boys

      Avinash : Oh father, thanks a lot. But I will be in my limits

      Father : Good, son ! Continue to progress and prosper

      Avinash : I will try my level best father

      True Height Summary in English

      "True Height is a truly touching story of Michael Stone, written by David Naster. Michael was the son of Bert and Mildred Stones. Mildred always told Michael stories of flying high. That made Michael dream and dream high. Father Bert was a practical man. He always wanted Michael to work hard to win. He was also a coach and trainer to his son

      With inspiration from mother, guidance from father and his own determination, dedication and discipline, Michael grew into an excellent pole-vault expert with the flexibility of an athlete and the strength of a body builder. Michael was also a good student and helped parents in their farm work. With his regular practice, devoted work he went on reaching unbeatable heights in pole-vault. By clearing 17 feet 6^ inches Michael created National and International junior Olympics record. Congratulations overwhelmed Michael. Father was cry ing the greatest tears of pride. Michael Stone success was very significant. The reason . Michael Stone was blind

      True Height Glossary

      height (n) : an extreme example of a particular quality Note : Be careful about the spelling. It is h-e-i-g-h-t; not high (adj) +1. And the letters gh are silent athlete (n) : a person competing in sports pursue (v-pre tense) : try to achieve nerve-wracking (adj) : exciting; making one tense ultimate (adj) : final, last, best career(n) : job or work in a particular area awe-inspiring (adj) : impressive; admiring breathless (adj) : making one react emotionally quenched (v-past tense) : satisfied intensity (n) : a great extent; depth astroturf (n) : artificial grass surface used in sports confronted (v-past tense) : faced pole vault (n) : a game in which a person jumps high with the help of a pole (a long stick) gymnast (n) : a person participating in activities/sports that need strength and flexibility fantasy (n) : a pleasant situation only in imagination quest (n) : a long search bird eye view (idiom) : a view from a high position recurring (v-ing) : happening again and again soaring (v-ing) : going up and up coincide (v) : happen to be the same hard-core (adj) : unchanging, firm in belief, strong regimented (adj) : strictly disciplined coach (n) : a person who guides, teaches techniques of a game chores (n-plural) : works done regularly persistence (n) : continuing to do something despite difficulties obsession (n) : a state in which a person mind is completely filled with a thought of one particular thing/person arrogant (adj) : proud inflated (adj) : filled with air oblivious (adj) : not aware of; forgotten surpassed (v - past tense) : exceeded; crossed ritual (n) : a customary practice; formality startled (v-past tense) : surprised; confused; threatened bale of hay (n. phrase) : a bundle of dry grass accurate (adj) : exact envisioned (v-past) : saw in imagination scared (adj) : afraid a trickle (n) : drops in a series pounding (v-ing) : beating quickly and noisily The silence was deafening : The silence was unbearable (Note the speciality of the expression - a paradox) sprinting (v-ing) : running fast eruption (n) : sudden, strong expression of powerful feelings by shouting swarmed with (phrase) : surrounded by accomplishment (n) : achievement

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