9th Class English Chapter 6B Freedom Textbook Questions and Answers

Answer the following questions

1.What sort of freedom does the poet wish to have?

ans:The poet wants freedom from fear and physical, intellectual, psychological, emotional, social, and financial weaknesses

2.The poet talks about fear in the opening lines of the poem. What kind of fear is he talking about?

ans:The poet refers to fear of country future, development, social and economic equality, etc

3.What does the expression "truth adventurous paths" mean?

ans: "Truth adventurous paths" means the road taken by persons speaking only truth is full of challenges and problems

4.What does the poet mean by figures in the poem? What sort of figures are they? What does the poet want them to be?

ans: Figures here are people. They are obedient and patient. The poet wants them to have their own individuality

5."Where figures wait with patience and obedience for the master of show." What does the poet mean by this?

ans:Persons here wait for their leader. They just follow their master without any original thinking.

6.What does the shackles of slumber mean? How does it arrest the progression of life?

ans: Shackles of slumber means chains of laziness, inaction and indifference. When one is a prisoner of laziness, life does not progress

7.Do you think we are all free from fear? What kind of fears are haunting our motherland now?

ans:No, we are not at all free from fears. The fears of over population, over pollution, lawlessness, insecurity to women and the weak are some of the striking ones haunting our mother land

8.What does freedom mean to you? Is it freedom from hunger? Is it freedom from physical attack? Is it freedom from illiteracy? is it freedom from social oppression? What else?

ans:Freedom from desire, selfishness, illiteracy, dirt and disease, hatred, poverty, etc. is what freedom means to me

Freedom Summary in English

The poem Freedom by Rabindranath Tagore is both philosophical and psychological. He wants a special kind of freedom for the motherland. It is freedom from fear

It is freedom from old age and related weaknesses. It is freedom from lack of vision and slumber. It is freedom from mistrust

It is freedom from uncertain destiny, cruel power and lack of individuality. It is freedom from meaningless movements, senseless statistics and heartless artificiality

Freedom Glossary

claim (v) : demand ; achieve beckoning (v+ing) : showing signs to call shackles (n-plural) : chains slumber (n) : sleep mistrusting (v+ing) : having no faith anarchy(n) : a situation without order, control or government helm (n) : steering wheel or handle puppet (n) : a person whose actions are controlled by others mimicry (n) : copying; imitation

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