AP State Syllabus 9th Class English Solutions Chapter 5C The Ham Radio

Answer the following questions

1.What are the places in which disaster management becomes imperative?

ans:Disaster management becomes imperative in public places, business centres and road junctions etc. Large number of people move around in such areas

2.How can we empower the disaster management crew?

ans:We can empower disaster management crew by providing them with best devices

3.In what way does Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) become inevitable in times of natural calamities?

ans:Ham radio is inevitable in times of calamities. This is because conventional communication network fails during disasters

4.Cite the disasters in which Amateur Radio Operators commenced disaster relief when other systems failed?

ans:Disasters during which Ham radio helped the crew are : 2001 Gujarath Earthquake, 2001 WTC attack in the USA, 2004 tsunami in India and many more

5.Explore other incidents in which Ham Radio Operators can take up rescue operations?

ans:Ham radio operators can take up rescue operations during road and fire accidents ; war and mega social, cultural or religious gatherings

6.What is the central theme of the essay?

ans:The theme of the essay is the multiple uses of ham radio

7.List the criteria to qualify for becoming a Radio Amateur?

ans:To become a ham, one should qualify in

  • Morse code
  • communication procedure and
  • basic electronics

Project Work

Get into groups and collect information relating to various disasters from Newspapers, magazines and books etc. Each group should work on one disaster.

Fill in the boxes in the table given in the next page with necessary information. One is done for you

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The Ham Radio Summary in English

Disasters and terrorism may strike thickly populated areas at anytime. Communication is most important in such situations. And conventional communications like cell phones fail exactly in those emergencies.

It is in those times Ham radio comes handy. Ham radio uses high frequency and automatic batteries. And the Ham volunteers are skilful and ever ready to work. Failure of the system is very less likely.

The only problem is the availability of information about Ham operators. During 2001 Gujarath Earthquake, 2001 attacks on WTC in the USA, 2004 Tsunami in India,

Ham radio served disaster management personnel wonderfully. Ham radio is useful in day to day problems like medical emergencies too. Anyone above 12 with no specific educational qualifications can appear for Ham radio licence test and on passing it can obtain the licence

The Ham Radio Glossary

ham (n) : a person who operates radio signals as a hobby, not as a job strike (v) : attack efficient (adj) : doing thoroughly imperative (adj) : extremely important or urgent calamities (n-plural) : disasters adverse (adj) : unfavourable/harsh crew (n) : persons working as a team amateur (adj) : working for enjoyment, not as a job innovation (n) : new, improved creation adept (adj) : skilful terrestrial (adj) : related to /on land choke points : blocking or obstructing points improvising (v+ing) : managing with available things when the right things are not availble wiped out (phrasal verb) : destroyed totally

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