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Question 1.Do you think there is any correlation between the crops grown in your region and the seasons? Find out by discussing with your eiders and friends and write a short essay on it?

Answer: Ours is a small village Anther vedipalem in East Godavari district. In our area, we have 3 crop seasons - Kharif, Rabi, and Zaid. The farmers cultivate paddy and maize in the Kharif season. This season is up to October and November. Rabi is cultivated as winter crop. In Rabi also some cultivate paddy and some cereals. Duration of this season is upto March and April. After that some fruits and vegetables are grown in the Zaid season. In addition to these we have coconut plantations which give fruits throughout the year. Due to these reasons there is correlation between crops and seasons

Question 2.Why do you think Andhra Pradesh does not receive any snowfall during winter months?

Answer: Snow forms in the clouds that are below freezing. Andhra Pradesh is in tropical belt. To get snow the temperatures in Andhra Pradesh are not enough cold. So Andhra Pradesh does not receive any snowfall during winter season

Question 3.We have a rainy season. How do you think it is related to the movement of the Earth and the pattern of Suns rays? Does it occur in the summer or winter or in the season in between?

Answer: The seasons occur due to the revolution and the pattern of Suns rays. During summer the Suns rays fall straightly on our area. Then the air in the atmosphere gets heated and moves up by forming low pressure belt. The winds from high pressure belt from the Indian ocean blow to this area and give rains. We receive rains after summer and in the beginning of winter due to these seasonal winds-monsoons

Question 4.Collect information about time of Sunrise and Sunset for different months of the year in your place (you can look up the local newspaper for this). Calculate the duration of day and night- how many hours every day - for every month. Do you see any pattern in this?

Answer: I have opted Kanyakumari in Tamilnadu for this project. It is famous for its sunrise and sunset

Date/Month Sunrise Sunset Day time Duration Night time Duration
1/1/2015 06-33 18-13 11-40 12-20
1/2/2015 06-40 18-27 11-47 12-13
1/3/2015 06-33 18-31 11-58 12-02
1/4/2015 06-18 18-29 12-11 11-49
1/5/2015 06-05 18-29 12-24 11-36
1/6/2015 06-01 18-34 12-33 11-27
1/7/2015 06-06 18-41 12-35 11-25
1/8/2015 06-12 18-40 12-28 11-32
1/9/2015 06-12 18-28 12-16 11-44
1/10/2015 06-08 18-11 12-03 11-57
1/11/2015 06-08 17-58 11-50 12-10
1/12/2015 06-18 18-00 11-42 12-18

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