Question 17.Does deforestation happen only in forest areas? How about in your local area, even if there are no forests?


  • Deforestation not only happens in forest areas
  • In our local areas the felling of trees comes under deforestation
  • Even if there are no forests, the cutting down of trees is considered as deforestation
Question 18.How does deforestation affect global warming?


  • Deforestation is the cutting down of trees for commercial purposes (other than domestic purposes of tribals) in the forests and vegetations of a large scale
  • Trees make use of the most of the greenhouse gas of carbon dioxide into their food which is called photosynthesis using sunlight
  • If trees were cut down indiscriminately, it would result in the accumulation of C02, the green house gas
  • It will result in the increase of temperatures throughout the earth i.e., global warming
  • Thus, deforestation affects global warming
Question 19.What are some other ways in which human action contributes to global warming?


  • Usage of refrigerators and air conditioners, etc. by humans leads to global warming
  • Usage of motor vehicles which run on fuel emits greenhouse gases
  • Usage of inorganic fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides
  • Releasing of effluences and wastes of industries
  • Excessive usage of natural resources
10th Class Social Textbook Page No. 55
Question 20.Imagine how one would cope with the situation if millions of people were affected. Where would you find land for resettlement? What jobs would they do?
Impact of Aila : broken embankment

Answer: Repairing embankment

  • If millions of people were affected with any natural calamity, it certainly would be difficult to cope with
  • The government has to make arrangements to resettlement of all those affected
  • It may seek help from international organisations or non-governmental organisations in our country as well as the donors
  • It will be a Herculean task to provide them shelter and alternate employment, but government must take initiative to get it done
  • It must employ the eligible to work within Rural Works Programme, Food for Work, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Labour Employment Guarantee schemes etc

Project work

Collect proverbs/sayings that are related to climate and weather in your region?
  • A Rainbow in the morning is the Sailor Warming
  • A Rainbow at night is the Sailor delight
  • When the dew is on the grass rain will never come to pass

Answer: "Red sky at night, sailor delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning." "Mare tails and mackerel scales make tall ships take in their sails." "Clear moon, frost soon." "Halo around the sun or moon, rain or snow soon." "Rainbow in the morning gives you fair warning." "When the stars begin to huddle, the earth will soon become a puddle."

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