JNTU-Kakinada B.Tech 1st Year 1st Sem (R23) 2nd Mid Jan 2024 Revised Exam Time Table

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JNTU-Kakinada B.Tech 1st Year 1st Sem (R23) 2nd Mid Jan 2024 Revised Exam Time Table

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) in Kakinada has announced the revised examination time table for the B.Tech 1st Year 1st Semester (R23) 2nd Midterm exams scheduled for January 2024. This updated timetable is crucial for students to plan their studies effectively and ensure a successful academic journey.

The revised exam schedule reflects the university's commitment to providing students with a fair and well-organized examination process. It takes into account any unforeseen circumstances or adjustments necessary to maintain the integrity and smooth conduct of the examinations.

Exams Starts From: 08-01-2024(Monday)

Conclude on: 12-01-2024(Friday)

MID TIME: 10.00 AM TO 12.00 NOON

As students gear up for their 2nd Midterm exams, it is essential to adhere to the revised timetable to avoid any confusion or last-minute adjustments. Planning ahead allows students to allocate sufficient time for each subject, ensuring a comprehensive revision process that covers all important topics.

JNTU-Kakinada, known for its commitment to academic excellence, encourages students to utilize this revised exam timetable as a tool to enhance their preparation. Effective time management and a systematic study plan will undoubtedly contribute to better performance and academic success.

B.Tech 1st Year 1st Semester (R23) program at JNTU-Kakinada must stay updated with the latest examination schedule. The revised timetable for the 2nd Midterm exams in January 2024 provides a clear roadmap for students to navigate their studies successfully. By following this schedule diligently, students can approach their exams with confidence and secure positive outcomes in their academic pursuits.

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