Kakatiya University Allotted Colleges For Conduct OF PG (NP) COURSES 1st-Year 1st-Sem Exam In March,2024.Notification

Tags: kakatiya university allotted colleges for conduct of pg (np) courses 1st-year 1st-sem exam in march,2024.notification

 We are pleased to announce the release of an important notification regarding the allotted colleges for conducting the PG (NP) Courses 1st-Year 1st-Semester Examination scheduled to be held in March 2024 at Kakatiya University.

Key Information:
Exam Centers: The university has designated specific colleges as examination centers for conducting the PG (NP) Courses 1st-Year 1st-Semester Exam. These centers have been selected to ensure the smooth and efficient conduct of examinations for all students.
College Allotments: Detailed information regarding the colleges allotted for the examination process is now available. Students are advised to check the official notification released by Kakatiya University for the complete list of allotted colleges.
Instructions for Students: Students appearing for the PG (NP) Courses 1st-Year 1st-Semester Exam are requested to review the allotted colleges list carefully and make necessary arrangements for their examinations accordingly.
Adherence to Guidelines: It is essential for students to adhere to all examination guidelines and instructions provided by the university and respective examination centers to ensure a fair and smooth conduct of the examination process.
For detailed information regarding the allotted colleges for conducting the PG (NP) Courses 1st-Year 1st-Semester Exam in March 2024, please refer to the official notification available on the Kakatiya University website or visit
We urge all students to familiarize themselves with the allotted colleges and examination guidelines to facilitate a stress-free examination experience.
Should you have any queries or require further assistance, please feel free to contact the university authorities.
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