Knowledge Process Outsourcing


KPO is Knowledge Process Outsourcing. The theme of this industry is to outsource the work of high intellectual level as the research and writing and content management, data analysis, animation and design, research, intellectual property, equity and financial analysis and market research, etc. In contrast to the development of expertise is in the process BPO KPO, the focus is on the experience of knowledge. Thousands of educated Indians can manage the intellectual work of high quality research are the now part of KPO, a success story in India. The employee must have an ideal KPO domain expertise, computer skills and proficiency in English. With the Indian way of education, which focuses on higher education and specialization, a talent pool with expertise in any field is readily available. These days, the segments with high potential for the industry KPO include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, data search, integration and management services, financial services, research and analysis, technology research, computer simulation, design and engineering services of professionals such as enterprise search and legal services. In recent years, the relocation of research and development in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology also emerged as a major segment of KPO industry.