The youngest, most rapidly changing, and the computer animation is the most rewarding industries. Careers in animation for many years are predicted to experience explosive growth, and well-trained professionals are always in demand. The word animation is called a Latin word anima, which means soul, and hence the term animation process or tool can be defined as resulting from the samples and bring characters to life. Under age, people of all generations had a deep desire to draw samples and data. Initially the art of animation can be started with the cavemen as they drew sketches and paintings on rock surfaces. Today animation industry is going through a golden era and especially as a media to come forward. Animation industry now includes a multi-billion dollar industry. Animation provides thousands of jobs for animators, resulting in many diverse branches. In the animation industry, candidates can specialize further as a 3-D or 2-D Modeler, special FX creator, animator, character designer, game designer, designer and participation.