Railway Services



Indian Railway (IR) is one of the largest rail services in the world. IR is one of the largest employers in the world. IR started its first rail services in the year 1853 and the first train travelled between Bombay to thane. IR has got 64015 km of rail tracks and 7090 rail stations. This IR is governed by ministry of railways of government of India.

Worlds cheapest rail tickets were provided by IR services. IR provides long distance rails and sub urban rails. There are about 7 million people travels through these rails every day. IR is divided into zones and those divided into divisions. There are about 67 divisions and each has division head quarters.

IR is the largest employer. There are about 2 millions of employees recruited every year. IR has 4 categories of employees Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D. Group A & B are recruited by union public service commission by conducting exams. Group C & D are recruited by Railway Recruitment board