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W. B. Yeats once characteristically remarked, "With dreams begin responsibility". How true!

If you don't aspire to become great then in all likelihood you may have to end up your precious life with a moderate note. At the same time if you want to be something very different then you can, provided you put in extra effort -- channelise all your concentration, perseverance and energy to achieve that goal.

Some of the greatest figures in history are great dreamers. They dreamt of the ultimate. You can become a great scientist, technocrat, jurist, writer, journalist, doctor and management guru, educationist - anything under the sky. You wish and you can. Dedication and hard work have never deceived anybody in the past nor shall it ever hoodwink anybody in the future.

But for all these you need to have a proper planning and execute masterly those plans. Success, it should be remembered, is the result of good judgement.

The National Network of Education, which has been into counselling ever since its inception has been guiding the students community countrywide on various fronts. There is not a single day that passes by when we are not flooded with Career Queries touching the basic aspects such as:

> What shall I do after my schooling?

> How do I select a good college?

> Which college has the subject I want to pursue?

> What are my career options? ... etc.

We have taken great care to address the above and many more related queries as they contribute to taking crucial decision of your life. While you can read and explore new avenues, we wish you all luck in your pursuit.

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