Audiology Clinical Science and Technology, a challenging and expanding area involves the study of hearing and balance. As a health care profession, audiology the evaluation, management and disorders associated with hearing and balance problems and medical rehabilitation of people involved. The working adults and older infants and children through people patients of all ages include. Audiology currently developing a new and exciting opportunities to expand the business in this area exists. Speech and audiology study of hearing disorders known as. This is the branch of science that deals with human speech and hearing imbalance. Who studied the rare subject is called audiologists. An audiologist speech and hearing disorders in a person can fix the causes. He / she employed various techniques tested, otoacoustic emission measurements, video nystagmography, and electrophysiological testing to establish whether or not a person is hearing impaired, etc., ie hearing. An increasing number of speech and hearing impaired individuals both children and adults because of growing demand for expert audiologist and audiology as a profession is recognized.