Marine Engineering
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Marine engineering is that which deals with the ship engines, science and architecture. It is challenging career and are responsible for ships technical management. A career in marine engineering, are the rewarding challenges. Marine engineers have complete responsibility for the ships engine room. Its tasks include the development and design of engines for ships and propulsion system. Marine scientists work in a surprising variety of disciplines. Examples include meteorology, physics, chemistry, geology, physical oceanography, paleontology and biology. Many marine scientists have multiple specialties or work as part of the multidisciplinary team. Jobs are available Indian and global shipping companies. Marine Engineers are specially qualified to join the Merchant Navy or public and private shipping companies. Marine engineers are employed by motor production companies, shipbuilding companies, research institutions, design firms and Indian Ship in the Navy.
Marine jobs are high paying and enjoyable. You also get the opportunity to see the world through sailing as a profession, at no additional cost. Luxurious life through lucrative compensation comes off as a great compensation from home.