Anthropology is a science that studies the origin and the physical, social and cultural development and behavior of mankind, especially the different human cultures, civilizations, traditions and customs. He not only studies of the biological evolution of humans and the sociology-cultural language of humans, but also their physical and cultural diversity at different ages, places and environments.Anthropology is about people, relationships, and how they live together as members of society. It contributes to the understanding and explanation of socio-cultural behavior. Anthropologists study human societies around the world by referring to kinship, political organization, religion, legal system, economy,language, education, health and art, in other words fashion people lives and culture. Anthropology is the most suitable for candidates who have a deep interesting history and who like to travel to various places of historical importance.Anthropology is the comparative study of human similarities and differences. It includes the biological and cultural history of mankind over the last four million years, the cultural habits of people around the world down to even those who happen to live next to you, and techniques and ideas were used both to exploit and protect natural resources and the environment. Unfortunately, anthropology as a field of study is from one of the lesser-known subjects and less popular.Humanity has yet to explore its full potential.