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Street Etiquette:

There are certain important things we usually do not even give a thought to, while walking about in public places. These include things like how to walk alone, with others, with a lady or in a group, where to walk, how to walk on the pavement or on the footpath, if there is a footpath, not to spit on the road or litter it indiscriminately, not to walk on lawns as far as possible, not to hog the footpath, and let people pass instead; also how to help the old and physically challenged people cross the road.

Road Etiquette:

These go beyond merely observing the traffic rules and exhibiting courtesy and consideration towards co-users. Some examples would be dipping the headlights, giving right of the way, stopping for pedestrians, friendly and non-aggressive driving. These important guidelines will not be available in any traffic manual, nor are they enforceable by law. Only the right blend of etiquette and consideration can bring them forth.

Train/ Plane/ Bus Etiquette:

Seldom do we come across people who really know how to use the public transportation system and how to show due courtesy towards their co-passengers, the crew, and public property. Most of us have often suffered on account of mannerlessness and thoughtlessness of co-passengers.Should we not give our conduct in public a serious thought?

Hotel/ Restaurant:

All of us like to go to expensive and fancy restaurants and/or hotels. Is our demeanour there dignified enough? Unfortunately not! Don't we often hear people snapping their fingers in every direction for the waiter or the steward. How many of us actually know the difference between a maitre d' hotel, steward and a waiter or that the same waiter/steward does not take the order for wines in a respectable restaurant? Do we over or under tip? Do we not hear people talking, laughing loudly in the corridors of the hotel or turning the lobby into a family common room?'


Every club has its own culture and norms that require specific etiquettes. You may well wonder why should this bother you if you are not a member of a particular club. Well, suppose you happen to be a guest of a club, imagine your embarrassment on making a faux pas or not knowing the right kind of behavior. Even regular members may not be fully conversant with the desired etiquettes.

Toilet / Bathroom:

How many of us actually leave the toilet clean for others, be it the family or public ones. Should we not leave the toilet the way we would like to find it?

Table Etiquettes, not just manners:

I am not referring merely to the proper use of cutlery, sitting at or laying the table. I am talking about common sense gestures and habits like not speaking while you have food in your mouth, not making a slurping sound while drinking your soup or noisily munching on the food. It also includes the kind of conversation you start on the table. It also means not finishing off everything in sight but sharing things that are getting exhausted.

Etiquettes towards self :

Do we realize that we owe etiquette to ourselves also for dignified living? Never heard of it? Try it. It will help you tremendously. It is high time you tried to consciously assess and judge your current etiquette level and identify your weak and strong etiquette areas. Thereafter, you should try to build and develop your weak areas and enhance and consolidate your positive etiquette attributes.

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