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Different types of skin diseases and methods of their treatmen
Author : shanu
Category : Skin
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different types of skin diseases and methods of their treatment

Different types of skin diseases and methods of their treatmen

The bacteria and viral infection on our skin is quite common. Its symptoms are many which could lead from vesicle, blisters, thrush to perforation and sometime even could be life threatening also. This article discusses what the different types of skin diseases are, what causes them and how can they be treated.


Skin infections are known as Tinea infection, fungi and mould. Athlete foot infection mostly is caused by coming into contact with the person suffering this infection. But sometimes, it might happen by coming into contacts with animals and soils also. Infection depends very much on this fact that what are the symptoms on the affected pars on body of the infection and its type. In some skin diseases, there is swelling on the skin while in some, it looks red, granular, cut out and wound like. In some cases, the skin gets rough or its layers drop on rubbing.

Skin infections get encouragements from the diabetic disease. The patient becomes weak and his résistance power of body depletes giving invitation to skin infections. Besides, excessive sweating, moisture in skin or constant friction on skin also cause infections. Different types of parasitical creatures such as louse, ring worm etc infect the skin also. By scratching the affected areas continually, the infections spread.

The type of infections and pains are as follows:-


It is generally caused by staphylococcus bacteria. Boils originate in pores and quickly take the form of knots. As the infection increases, yellow puss gets filled into it. Due to pressure on veins, knots become more painful.

Owing to the gathering of bacteria on a place, several boils grow up like a crowd on one place. When the skin pores get infected, some boils become perforated with mouth expanding in an area of 5 centimetres.

Place: This type of boils erupts on the back of neck, on the sides and on thighs on places where staphylococcus bacteria germinate due to moisture. These boils erupt on other places as well for example, inside the nose and in the eyes.

Treatment: To minimise the infection of boils, wash the infected areas with anti septic soap, and apply the antibiotic ointment or powder to stunt the growth of the infection. But when once the boils become perforated, taking the full course of medicine is a must because it is impossible to cure the infection without medicines.

Don`t try to pierce boils because the infection will spread to more areas. Apply beladona plaster band after heating it. The boils will soften to burst up. Take the advice of Doctor if the boils are big.

How to prevent?:
The dirt gathered on body, obesity, excessive sweating etc forms the fertile grounds for boils eruptions. The persons who suffer from diabetic and eczema become victims of boils as well, because their immune system becomes too weakened to fight against bacteria.


This skin disease is so painful that it causes tears. The water filled boils from this disease are particularly found around lips, nose and ears and are triggered by staphylococcus or streptococcus or both. In it, boils are formed containing water and the skin peels off after it dries up.

Place: This disease comes on generally on nose, lips and ears especially when the skin is cut, peeled off or there is wound or eczema. The infection spreads to other parts of body by touching it.

Treatments: The infection cures up within 5 days when the medicine is taken continually. After the skin peels off, wash the infected areas with antiseptic soap and dry it with soft clothes.

How to prevent?: Don`t let the children go to school when he is suffering from this infection. Also forbid him to touch anybody else also. Boil all the clothes used by the patient such as his, towel, bed sheets etc.

warts and moles

This is a common infection. They are painless even after their growth on skin. It originates by the human papilloma virus (HPV). About 30 varieties of HPV have been identified. Children come into its grips easily because their disease resistance capacity is less developed. In adults, this type of skin disease is more common due the diseases relating to old age.

Among children, warts erupt on such places where, there are the possibilities of injuries as for instance hands, face, elbows, and knees and in soles of foot. The platter and verrucous warts are much more painful surfacing up in the foot soles. Flat warts erupt particularly on wrists, hands. The warts developing in genitals are due to the sexual contacts.

Treatments: 50% of the warts surfaced up disappear within a year on their own. There are medicines and gels available in the market which helps to destroy warts. The cream and gels should be applied immediately after taking the bath because the skin is soft at that period of times and can absorb the medicines easily.

How to prevent?: If there are the growth of verruca warts on your skin, cover it properly before taking your bath so that it doesn`t spread. . Inform of the warts developed on your genital to your Doctor. The warts of genitals among the females increase the chances of cancer and the companion in sexual partnership could inhibit this disease. Make use of condoms during sexual contacts.

Molluscum infection

This is a serious type of viral infection of skin. This especially influences the child suffering from eczema. Warts like shinning formations develop on the skin in this infection which grows further up making ditches on the skin.

Place: This grows like a bunch of grains on genitals, thighs, face and spreads on the parts of body by scratching.

Treatments: It sometimes disappears on their own. It is solidified by treating with liquid nitrogen. Ointments could be applied on the Doctors prescriptions. If the children have a few and far between warts, wet the warts first with warm water and then gently rub them with pumice stone.

How to prevent?: Don`t share the clothes such as towels, bed sheets etc of the diseased person.

Athlete foot

In this, the skin bursts up to form wounds and boil peels off. This is a type of fungal infection and the nails coming into its influence separates or become thick and colourless. This disease comes on persons who wear thick shoes.

Place: This infection is generally found on feet from where it spreads to soles of feet and nails

Treatments: Use of anti fungal cream provides succour and relief in this condition.

How to prevent?: Keep your feet dried and sprinkle antifungal powder on foot paws. Always wear cotton socks and change it daily. Wear sandals while going out. Try to be naked footed while inside your homes. Keep the floor of your bathroom clean and infection proof. This will prevent the spread of the disease.

Ring worm

This is a fungus based infection in which red patches falls on the skin compelling to scratch the surface to the extremes. The swivelled layer of skin formed on the skin is identified as the ring worm. Hair begins falling after its infection spreads in head.

Generally the ring worm patches erupt near the waist, elbows, hips, thighs on on sides. This infection can erupt on palms, feet, and scalp reaching to the nails. The nails will turn whitish or yellowish.

Treatments: The infected parts get cleared off within 1-2 week after applying ointments, antifungal cream and taking medicines. The infection in the nails takes a year almost o cure.

Don`t share anything with the affected person- neither bed, or towel etc.


This is an extremely sensitive skin disease triggered by sarcoptis scabies parasite. It is infected by sharing bed with the affected person, by embracing neck to neck, or by sitting on knees. One feels virulent scratching to resort to on the affected areas. The disease resistance power reacts with the contact of female kandu kilni due to which red rashes erupt.

Place: The female kandu kilni generally makes holes on the middle of the fingers of hands causing intense scabies. Scratching the surface too much can cause eczema. When the female kandu kilni lay eggs in the holes, its offsprings come out of eggs increasing the scabies to an enormous proportions.

Treatments: In it, particularly the scabicide mixture is used especially to those parts where there are holes or peeled off skin. This can stay for 2 weeks.

How to prevent this?: The bugs from this infection die out after being separated from the body. Take utmost care not to come into contact with nor share anything with the affected person.

Pityriasis versicolor

In the skin infection of this type, coloured patches form. These are 1 cm in diameter in the shape of fungus and spread quickly.

The patches come on head or arms. Apart from this, there is no any other symptom of this.

Treatments: Use antifungal shampoo on the body. Even one grain of left over patch might retrigger the infection. The skin might take months to come back on its normal former colour.

How to prevent?: This doesn`t spread by infection. But the person affected with this skin infection must change clothes daily. It might also be caused by coming into contacts with a person suffering from scabies.


This parasitical insect thrives on the human blood and reeks on the skin causing great discomfort and restlessness. Lice are of 3 types. First there are lice thriving in scalp. Second type thrives in thick organs of body known as pubic lice. Third type thrives on the body into the hair. Intense scratching feeling is triggered from all of these.

Place: The lice thriving in the head is a very common type of problem which is mostly found in the heads of children spreading further by coming into mutual contacts.
Pubic lice spread generally during physical relations. The lice that thrive on body are dependent for food on the skin of body but lay eggs on clothes.

Treatments: There are particular types of shampoo and other materials used to remove lice from head. Make use of fine combs to remove the eggs of lice from hair. Keep pubic hair washed up and clean to remove lice from there. And to remove lice from your body, wash your clothes in hot water to kill the eggs of lice.

Keeps the treatment going on continually for weeks or so. And stop the treatments only when you feel you are rid of the infections. The tests of the persons coming into your contacts are essential also. Take proper hygienic care of the whole body. Remember, it is the dirt of the body that invites infections of various types mentioned here above.



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