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Name : Pop Up advertisement
Location : Appears on open of Manabadi.com
Features : Pop ups are the most effective way of advertising. By open of Manabadi.com a pop window of your advertisement will open. So it grabs the viewer attention more.
Min. Duration :
1 Month
Contact Us : 8008388523
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Type : Side Banner SMALL
Size : 450 x 90
Location : Appears on right side (can be taken on any page)
Display Type : Elaborate for 10sec and retain to normal position, and changes banner for every refresh
Type of file : Flash
(for flash Looping Not Allowed, .Replay button should be available)
Min Duration : 1 Month
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  • Teachers
For prices and more details please contact our sales team at sales@manabadi.com | info@manabadi.com | manabadi@gmail.com
For more details please contact sales team sales@manabadi.com | info@manabadi.com | manabadi@gmail.com
Mobile: 8008388523,
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Phone: 040 23736619
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