JNTU-Kakinada B.Tech 4th Year 1st sem R19 Supply January 2024 Exam Time Table

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JNTU-Kakinada B.Tech 4th Year 1st sem Regular/Supply Honor & Minor January 2024 Exam Time Table

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada, are gearing up for the R19 Supply exams scheduled for January 2024. The release of the official exam time table is eagerly awaited, as it serves as a crucial roadmap for students to navigate their preparation effectively.

The exam time table is not just a schedule; it's a strategic tool that empowers students to organize their study plan. Highlighting the dates, times, and subjects for each exam, it offers a clear framework for students to structure their revision. This foresight helps in mitigating last-minute stress and enables a systematic and comprehensive review of the syllabus.

To make the most of the time available, students are advised to create a personalized study plan aligned with the exam time table. Prioritize subjects based on difficulty and the time required for revision. Utilizing resources such as previous years' question papers and seeking guidance from professors can further enhance preparation.

Exams Starts from 02-01-2024 (Tuesday)

Conclude on 20-01-2024 (Saturday)

B.Tech 4th Year students with R19 Supply status at JNTU-Kakinada. The exam time table provides a sense of direction, creating a disciplined approach towards exam preparation.

As the exam dates approach, students should stay vigilant for any updates or revisions to the time table. The official website of JNTU-Kakinada is the go-to source for the latest information. Armed with a well-structured study plan and adherence to the exam time table, students can approach the R19 Supply exams with confidence and determination, ready to overcome any academic challenges that come their way.

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