Kaloji Narayana Rao University - Tentative Theory Exam CALENDAR Year 2024 Exam Notification

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 We are pleased to inform you that Kaloji Narayana Rao University has released the Tentative Theory Exam Calendar for the year 2024. This notification provides essential details regarding the schedule of theory examinations planned for the upcoming academic year. It is crucial for all students to be aware of these dates to adequately prepare for their examinations.

Tentative Theory Exam Calendar - Year 2024:
University: Kaloji Narayana Rao University
Exam Year: 2024
Official Website:
Key Highlights of the Notification:
Exam Schedule: The tentative theory exam calendar outlines the dates for various examinations scheduled throughout the year. It includes details such as the commencement date of each exam, duration, and any other relevant information.
Important Dates: Students are advised to carefully note down the dates mentioned in the exam calendar to avoid missing any crucial deadlines related to examination registration, fee payment, and other administrative processes.
Subject-wise Timetable: The calendar may include a subject-wise timetable, providing students with a clear overview of when each subject's examination is scheduled to take place. This allows for better planning and preparation.
Notification Accessibility: The exam notification is readily accessible on the official website of Kaloji Narayana Rao University and can also be found on reputable educational portals like
Updates and Changes: While the calendar provides a tentative schedule, students should remain vigilant for any updates or changes that may occur throughout the academic year. It is advisable to regularly check the university's official website for the latest information regarding examinations.
How to Access the Notification:
To access the Tentative Theory Exam Calendar for the year 2024 released by Kaloji Narayana Rao University, please visit the official website of the university or refer to the notification available on
We encourage all students to review the exam calendar diligently and plan their academic schedules accordingly. Adequate preparation and timely adherence to examination-related deadlines are crucial for achieving success in your academic pursuits.
For any further inquiries or clarifications regarding the examination schedule, students are advised to contact the university's administrative authorities through the official channels provided.
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