Krishna University M.Pharmacy 3rd and 4th Sem Exam October-2023 Notification

Tags: Krishna University has released the M.Pharmacy 3rd and 4th Semester Exam Notification for October 2023. The regular application deadline is 23rd September 2023, with a late fee of Rs. 250/- until 26th September 2023. The fee for all papers is Rs. 1000/-. Backlogs up to (2) Two Papers and Backlogs above (2) Two Papers also have a fee of Rs. 1000/-. For improvement (each paper), the fee is Rs. 300/-. Visit for detailed information.

If you are pursuing M.Pharmacy at Krishna University, the M.Pharmacy 3rd and 4th Semester Exam Notification for October 2023 is out. Whether you are preparing for regular exams or looking to improve your scores, here are the essential details you need to know:

Notification Details:

University: Krishna University

Course: M.Pharmacy

Semesters: 3rd and 4th Semester

Exam Month: October 2023

Important Dates:

Regular Application Deadline: 23rd September 2023

Late Application Deadline (with a late fee of Rs. 250/-): 26th September 2023

Exam Fees:

All Papers: Rs. 1000/-

Backlogs up to (2) Two Papers: Rs. 1000/-

Backlogs above (2) Two Papers: Rs. 1000/-

For Improvement (each Paper): Rs. 300/-

How to Apply:

1.Visit the Official Website: Go to the official Krishna University website or visit for the exam notification and application details.

2.Check Eligibility: Ensure that you are eligible to appear for the M.Pharmacy 3rd and 4th Semester Exams.

3.Fill the Application: Complete the examination application form with accurate details.

4.Pay the Fee: Pay the required examination fee based on your category (regular, backlogs, or improvement). Don't forget to adhere to the specified deadlines to avoid late fees.

5.Submit the Application: Submit your application form through the university's online portal.

6.Confirmation: After successful submission, you will receive a confirmation of your exam application.

Note: Double-check all the information entered to avoid errors.

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and excel in your M.Pharmacy studies. Whether you're a regular student, dealing with backlogs, or aiming to improve your performance, the October 2023 exams are a chance to showcase your skills.

For further information and updates related to the M.Pharmacy 3rd and 4th Semester Exams, please visit the official Krishna University website or consult Stay focused on your studies, and best of luck with your exams! Your dedication will undoubtedly lead to success in your academic pursuits.



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