Krishna University MBA/MCA 4th sem Revaluation Notification

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 Krishna University has released the revaluation notification for MBA/MCA 4th Semester, providing students with an opportunity to review and reevaluate their answer scripts. If you are not satisfied with your current results or believe that there may have been an error in the evaluation process, this is your chance to request a reevaluation. Here are the important details you need to know:

Revaluation Notification Details:
Courses: MBA (Master of Business Administration) and MCA (Master of Computer Applications).
Semester: 4th Semester.
Notification Release: The revaluation notification has been officially released by Krishna University.
Application Period: Students interested in revaluation should apply within the stipulated period as mentioned in the official notification.
Revaluation Fee: The specific revaluation fee per subject will be mentioned in the official notification.
How to Apply for Revaluation:
1.Visit the official Krishna University website or
2.Look for the "Revaluation Notification" or "Revaluation Application" link.
3.Select your course (MBA or MCA) and the 4th Semester.
4.Carefully read the revaluation notification and guidelines provided.
5.Fill out the revaluation application form online.
Pay the revaluation fee online through the provided payment gateway.
Submit the revaluation application.
Keep a copy of the application and payment receipt for your records.
Important Notes:
Ensure that you apply for revaluation within the specified deadline mentioned in the notification.
Make sure to pay the revaluation fee as per the instructions provided.
The revaluation results will be announced after the reevaluation process is completed.
Revaluation is an opportunity for students to have their answer scripts reassessed, and it can potentially lead to an improvement in your overall results. If you believe there may have been errors in the evaluation or you are not satisfied with your current marks, consider applying for revaluation.
For more details and to access the official revaluation notification, please visit Take advantage of this opportunity and take the next step towards achieving the results you deserve.
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