Social- Economic & Political History of Modern India with Emphasis on Andhra Pradesh.

Tags: social- economic & political history of modern india with emphasis on andhra pradesh.

The Socio-Economic development of AndhraPradesh after Telangana Bifurcation has transformed into various phases. In general this development is emphasized on Socio-economic changes taken place in the financial years, growth performance of the state economy under macroeconomic aggregates, human development measures because of implementation of various welfare programs.

The State has been bifurcated on 2nd June 2014. At the time of the State's bifurcation, the Union Government acknowledged that fiscal, economic and social conditions of residuary State of Andhra Pradesh will be adversely affected. In order to rectify these conditions, during the discussions on the AP Re-organisation Bill in Rajya Sabha, the Prime Minister gave assurances to provide assistance to the State. Provisions have also been made in the Andhra Pradesh Re-organisation Act 2014 for assistance/incentives and development of the State. But Government of India did not fulfill the same and not extended their assistance and assurances in full. However the present and Past state Governments has implemented many economical reforms to enhance the state income in all terms.

AndhraPradesh has been implementing the electronic modules in PDS, such as linkage of Aadhaar with ration card data, allotment of commodities under e-PDS and distribution of commodities through e-PoS and Door Delivery of Essential Commodities. Ap Government has implemented Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme and Mid-Day Meal Scheme. AndhraPradesh is also aiming towards doubling the farmer's income. The government is keen to undertake structural reforms in the state to accelerate industrialization by creating a good ecosystem with the initiatives for developing different segments like Agro, and Food processing, Biotechnology, Bulk drugs and Pharmaceuticals, IT and ITeS, Textile, Automotive and Auto components and Tourism and there by create opportunities for entrepreneurs and generate employment. The AP State Government is committed to improve the economic status of the farmers by providing the right amount of water at the right time to entire two crores acres of cultivable land in Andhrapradesh by using innovative technologies. Government also provided free power to all agricultural consumers. Roads & Bridges Construction and maintenance are taken care by the AP Government. A total of 32711.245 Km roads was maintaining by MDR wing of government. AP Government by implementing Road Safety policy reduced 15% road accidents. AP Government under Civil Aviation policy 2015 will encourage private sector participation in airport development and other aviation infrastructure. The Government of Andhra Pradesh accorded priority to Tourism and has recognized its potential as a growth engine that can aid overall economic development of the state. Andhra Pradesh has achieved 99% access to elementary school level and 91.5% at secondary level and strengthen existing schools by introducing English medium education from 2020-21.

The Socio-Economic development was developed on the following content, Geogrpahy, Macro Economic Aggregates, Public Finance, Prices, wages and Public distribution, Industries, Agriculture, Economic Infrastructure, Social Infrastructure, Poverty Employment, Schemes and Gram Volunteer System.

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Geographic, Demographic and SocioEconomic profile of Andhra Pradesh


With 13districts and with a geographical area of 1,62,970 SqKm, Andhra Pradesh ranks as the 8th largest State in the country, the 2nd longest coastline in the country with a length of 974 km.


Growth of Population

The density of population

The density of population

Soil & Land Utilization

Sand, silt, and clay are the basic types of soils and most of soils are made up of a combination of these three.

Macro-Economic Aggregates

The GSDP (nominal gross state domestic product) of AndhraPradesh

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