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Facts about twins
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From sharing the womb to discovering the world together, twins are two individuals bound to each other by nature. When a couple is told that they are expecting twins, it is not surprising if they feel a little ambivalent. Everyone knows that looking after one baby is a full time job, but two at the same time can be truly daunting. Twins may be double the trouble, but they are also double the joy. The security of twin relationship is greater than any other, and that it helps them to live with more assurance in their other relationships too.

Twins often tend to develop at a similar pace, and may be predisposed to having similar choices e.g. in toys, food etc. but they may not be ready for sharing as yet. It may be a difficult situation to handle when both want the same thing, or when both demand something different. Twins, however, are children who get along more or less easily with each other just like other siblings. At times, twins may behave as if they are one person, thinking, speaking and moving alike. It is their separateness that needs to be emphasized. For the development of each twin, it is very important that both of you spend individual time with each baby.

Twins have the closest degree of kindship possible for two distinctly separated individuals. A study of young twins revealed that they show more affection for each other and are less aggressive than singletons. Twins rely on each other and trust each other completely with their innermost feelings and thoughts. Even as infants and toddlers, they are able to communicate with each other by facial expressions, special signs and even special language.

With time, the twins are allowed to grow in an atmosphere conducive to individual growth. While acknowledging the benefits of their being together, they will reach a stage when they decide to part ways.