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Information about various programming jobs
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Information technology is itself a fast growing career which gives multiple career chances for growth. I am writing this article for those recruiters who are recruiting candidates for "IT" domain. This will give them knowledge about different programing jobs.

Information about various programing jobs:
1. System analyst:
System analyst are from programing background. They should have good experience in the analytical phase of the system development cycle. In this kind of role detail knowledge of application system is required from candidate. Sometimes if requirement is there then they may ask to do system design with their regular system analysis.

2. Project leader and team leader:
Candidate who works on this designation should have managerial and technical skills. These people are responsible for scheduling and planning of system development. They give dead line of project to their team. Project managers are majorly responsible for evaluating the project, training and monitoring career path of the programmers of their own team. Normally team leaders reports to their respective project leader. Team members and module leader reports to team leader.

3. Network specialist:
Network specialist should have good skills and knowledge in communication and computer technology. They should to all the details of network and networking protocols. This is highly technical position with through knowledge of computer hardware.

4. Database administrator (DBA):
These people hae detailed knowledge of database design and implementation. They are responsible for accuracy, security and accessibility of companies data. Responsibilities cover under this title are installation of database, back-up and recovery, tuning, migration, patching.

5. System administrator:
These people does installation of new software, they also adapt new software to system. Others responsibilities under this role are performing system backups, recovering lost data and maintaining security.

6. Help desk professionals:
It is a department within a company that desktop users go to when they encounter any problem or need any help. This department is also called as "Information Center". They provides support to all the user department.

choose which is appropriate for ur career

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