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How important is encouragement?
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Just because your babies are born at the same time or look alike, does not mean that they are not individuals in their own right. It may be amusing to dress them up alike and that people cannot tell one from the other. But it is always important to remember that they are two separate beings and to treat them as such from day one. Avoid referring to them as "the twins" and use their given names. Be sure to take photographs of each child separately because at some point he will ask for a photograph

It is important to encourage individuality. As the children become older, try choosing different toys and encourage sharing. Build a special one-to-one relationship with each child. Look for special talents and praise them often. Twins usually have a special bond between them. Try to rear them as individuals without destroying their special bond. Each twin should be encouraged to have his own friend?s circle and to do separate activities with his own friends. Parents of twins will have to take decisions based on the personalities and wishes of their set of twins.