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In 14 years old, Binalakshmi Nepram witnessed the holocaust of her village with consequence of the preservation unit. She was brought up just the woman where 20,000 lose their lives of last 50 year with Manipur which is the rebellion tendency which is made desertion. Nepram under her worry establishes the survivor network of the woman gun of Manipur which takes 80 that kind of women, help those and profit do the life with respect to public finance. Some Bina gives these women, it is safe future dignity and promise.

Profile of Binalakshmi Nepram-Mentschel

Binalakshmi Nepram-Mentschel was born in the state of Manipur in India`s Northeast region state, bordering Myanmar. She is a writer-activist who is spearheading work on making disarmament a movement and meaningful issue.

In 2004 Bina conventional disarmament issues, Control Arms Foundation of India, India`s first civil society dedicated to the organization was also established. And in 2007, Bina Manipur Women Gun Survivor Network release.Bina small arms reduction and women in the Northeast for his work on disarmament and working for Peace, 2006 WISCOMP Scholar Fellowship was awarded in 2004, Ploughshares.

Bina has written two books:

1.      South Asia`s Fractured Frontier: Armed Conflict, Narcotics and Small Arms Proliferation in India`s Northeast

2.      Meckley, a historical fiction based on the conflict in Manipur and an edited volume titled India and the Arms Trade Treaty.

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