L. Subramaniam
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Dr. Lakshminarayana Subramaniam (born on 23 July 1947) was an acclaimed Indian classical Carnatic music and Western classical music tradition, trained violinist, composer and conductor, and orchestral compositions and methods of fusion is known for his ghanapati instruments.

Birth - 23 July 1947
Achievements - L. A talented violinist Subramaniam, a senior Indian, South Indian and Western music in the Carnatic music composer and conductor of the skill. He was known on more than 150 recordings, and Yehudi Menuhin, Stéphane Grappelli, Ruggiero Ricci, etc., and also worked with many big names

L. Subramaniam is a very talented senior Indian violin, the composer and conductor. He was the musical tradition of South India, as well as Western classical music, Carnatic music, which, in the skills. L. Subramaniam is known for his music and compositions in orchestral fusion. He was known on more than 150 recordings, and Yehudi Menuhin, Stéphane Grappelli, Ruggiero Ricci and many others worked with a number of other big names.

Who hails from a Tamil family L. Subramaniam,, the age of six, gave his first public performance. Music, his parents, Father V. Lakshminarayana, and mother, V. Seethalakshmi two famous musicians as much blood to his childhood. He received a doctorate in medicine, but he chose to be a violinist. Viji Subramanian He Married Again After her death in 1999, the famous Indian playback singer Kavita Krishnamoorthy. L. Subramaniam`s music career is quite impressive biography.

He Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar, MD ramanadham the genre, such as the great names of Indian Carnatic music, some with live convincingly. L. Mridangam Palghat Mani Iyer was a famous Subramaniam also played violin in several stage shows. The only, Subramaniam was also composed the music for orchestras, and his Hollywood film scores. L Subramaniam and Salaam Bombay and Mississippi Masala, directed by Mira Nair films, such as the various film scores.

He is also a Merchant - Ivory Productions in Bernardo Bertolucci`s Little Buddha and Cotton Mary was involved in, such as in the solo violin. New York Philharmonic Orchestra, with his compositions "Fantasy on Vedic songs` are. Swiss romande Orchestra Zubin Mehta, with a few others of the `Turbulence`, with the Oslo Philharmonic and the Berlin Opera, Symphony, etc., with the global `concert of two violins,` are.

L Subramaniam `s musical career has been from time to time with a history of receiving national awards and accolades. In 1981, the year he was nominated for the coveted Grammy. Later, he was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in the year 1988 and again in 2001 with the Padma Bhushan. There are also some books on Carnatic music, he wrote. His love for her and follow the musicians, family, friends, is called by the turquoise.