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What if the child is performing badly at school?
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When your child is doing badly at school, do not blame the school or the teacher. There may be many causes for it. He may have been put into school too early or he may be too young for his class and may have to compete with older children. The other reasons may be that he has missed many days at school because of illness in early childhood.

At times it is the home environment, which is responsible for the child`s bad performance in school. Quarrelling parents, or a home where the child does not get enough love, or the birth of another child which takes away the attention of parents, can also be responsible for the child`s poor performance. There is also the possibility that he may not get along well with his teacher. If you suspect this, have a talk with the Principal and discuss the problem with him tactfully.

Some parents give the wrong age of the child to the school authorities in an attempt to push him to a higher class. This attitude is not healthy. If the child is a year or two younger than other children in the class, he may have difficulty in adjusting. A child who is four years old will be much less mature and have far less understanding than a five year old. Similarly, a double promotion saves a year but taxes the child. A child doing well in one class may not be as good in the other class. This creates unnecessary resentment, pressure and a feeling of inadequacy in the child.