RD Burman
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Rahul Dev Burman (27 June 1939 - 4 January 1994), commonly known as RD Burman, and Pancham da (???? ??) or just the nickname Pancham, an Indian classical musician.

Born - June 27, 1939
Died - 4 January 1994

Achievements - RD Burman Indian Chitra industry is considered to be the greatest composers ever had in all of music. His musical brilliance of the most popular song, `Sar Jo Tera chakraaye` in the film, Guru Dutt, Pyaasa was composed on him is evident from the fact. He hits in the Bollywood musical in the history of some of the fur of the jazziest.

Who is more famous by the name of RD Burman, Rahul Dev Burman, Indian Chitra Ever Had all of the music industry is considered to be the greatest composers. The way for his entry into Bollywood music being composed on the revolutionization seen here. Singer and music composer, Sachin Dev Burman and playback singer Asha Bhosle`s second husband, son, RD Burman Hindi songs to sing in yesteryears named for injecting a fresh style and technology. Burman, paralleling the lack of melodic songs today.

There continues to be a biography of RD Burman. During his childhood, he cried, and it is the fifth note of the Indian musical scale, `pa` in the alert because of Rahul Dev Burman Pancham da lovingly known by industry insiders and friends. Little Pancham was born in the state of West Bengal at Kolkata. He was later transferred to Mumbai, the sarod from Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, began to take lessons. RD Burman by his father, the film was released in the year 1956 `Funtoosh in the use of it, at the age of nine in her first film song` Aye meri topi palat ke AA `on.

Infact, the famous song `Sar jo tera chakraaye` in the film, Guru Dutt, Pyaasa was composed for him. RD Burman is also another popular song, the year the film was released in 1958 starring actor Dev Anand Hai Apna Dil to aawara in Solva Saal played the mouth organ as a child. Pancham his music career began as assistant to his father. However, he made the film Chhote Nawaab and later, the 331 films and hosted his own 4 non-film albums as the music director, began working independently.

However, RD Burman composed songs, an impressive amount, yet they are still a number of releases. This small task at hand when he was released and a certain small step, but there are songs from films. RD Burman also playback for 18 films and a unique, grunting bass singing style was not popular. He also Bhoot Bungla (1965) and Pyar Ka Mausam (1967) starred in such films. At that time, the inspiration for his songs were used in the western songs. For example, the song `Mehbooba Mehbooba` Demis Rusos the inspiration for `Say You Love`.

Infact, RD Burman, India`s most famous composer in 1970. This time, he Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and others in the Bollywood musical in the history of the belt, such as some of the singers, a pair of hits jazziest structure. For example, Amar Prem, Buddha Mil Gaya, Caravan, and Hare Rama Hare Krishna, there are musical hits. Amar Prem, based on Indian classical music, remembered for its complex songs. RD Burman Singer Boy George, and also with other international artists.