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Problems faced by children while going to school
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Some children feel nervous or even scared on the first day of school because of all the new things: new teachers, new friends, and maybe even a new school. When a child first starts going to school, he may feel reluctant or cry when you leave him at the school gates. Not every child is prepared to accept school at the same age. A lot depends on her experiences in playing with other children and meeting strange people. A child who plays with other children will not have much difficulty in going to a school, whereas a child who is always playing with his mother or does not have too many children to play with, will resent the idea of separation from the mother. Normally, the first child usually has school problems. In such cases, where there is strong resentment, it is best not to push the child, otherwise he is likely to develop permanent aversion to school. Go with the child to the school for a couple days and give him the reassurance that you will not disappear, but will meet him when the school finishes. Slowly he will adjust to his new environment.

In an older child, the reluctance to go to school may be due to bullying or teasing at school. Sometimes it follows an illness or a prolonged absence from the school or punishment by the teacher. He may start having problems like headache, pain in the abdomen, vomiting. Changing the school is not usually helpful in these cases. At times teasing at school can be excessive and cause unhappiness. Teasing is usually done because of social class, inability to pronounce words correctly, clumsiness, obesity and in children who try to please the teacher. Such children are usually over-protected at home and lack the normal aggressive behaviour.