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When to put the child in school?
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Many people think that school is a place where the child learns to read, write, do arithmetic, memorise facts about geography, history and science. It is much more than this. A school is not just a place where the child learns these subjects. It is also a place where he learns to get on with people and is thus preparing for adult life. Going to school for many children is the first experience outside their home. The child begins to be part of a group outside his family. School forms a very important part in the character building of a child. Experiences in the schools are wide and varied. The child comes into contact with other children of different religions, beliefs and values. Schools are the building blocks of your child`s future.

There is no harm in sending a three-year-old to a nursery school in the neighbourhood where there are other children to play with, to talk with and to have fun. Such schools enable a child to be on his own and to face problems without the protection of parents. The nursery school is primarily meant for playing, learning and to be social. If you feel that your child is happy playing at home and with children in the neighbourhood, it is not necessary to push him to school at an early stage. You can wait until he is five years old to put him in the kindergarten class or a regular school.