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Google Earth
Google Earth
Author : BABA
Category : Google Earth
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Google Earth software, Virtual Earth

Google Earth

Google Earth - Zoom Satellite Photos stitched together over the world, and you can Glide. , A measure of the distance between two locations by nearby restaurants, serious research, or go on virtual holidays, use Google Earth to find driving directions

Google Earth from space with a focus on the top left corner of the world. Gently spin the globe and clicking and dragging on the planet. Right-click the scroll wheel or dragging will zoom in and out for close-up Views. In some areas, even close-ups are detailed enough to make out cars and people.


If you pass over the globe in the upper right hand corner, a small compass a large navigation control changes. Click and drag the map to discontinue circle. Was moved to the North in accordance with the compass. Move left or right, or move in any direction using a joystick in the center of the star, click the arrows. Right dial controls the zoom levels.
Google Earth 3D viewer, a virtual globe, map, and in fact, called the Keyhole, Inc., a company created by Google in 2004 as a geographic information program. The satellite photographs, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe of the Earth by the superimposition of the images on the maps. It has three different licenses, Google Earth, Google Earth Pro is intended for the use of additional features and trade ($ 399 per year), which is limited in function to Google Earth Plus (discontinued), a free version available on the bottom.

 If you tilt a perspective view of the globe and move up or down to the horizon line. The close-ups if you want to view, rather than directly down on them and lets see. It also comes in 3-D buildings that are too easy. In this view, with the best there is on the Terrain layer.

The two layers can be used to create a more three dimensional globe. Terrain elevation simulates levels, so you can tilt your view, you can see the mountains and other objects in the region. If you are in such cities as San Francisco 3D Buildings layer, through the zoom, and allows you to fly between buildings. There are a limited number of buildings, cities, and they were gray, unshaded shapes are only available (additional design and building information is available for download.)



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