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Credit Information Bureau of India Limited
CIBIL offers general advice on what affects your credit score. So if I have defaulted on credit cards or loans in recent years, then you can be sure that your score will not be very good. But there is no clarity on the points taken into account in awarding the score that separates a client from another, although at first sight have a similar credit profile. So much so that even two brothers who have similar credit profile, you can get a 30 to 40 points in their credit scores. The finer points that affect results are known slowly over a period of time.
As a general rule, if you have a reasonable number of credit accounts (credit cards and loans) that have been in operation for some time and your payment history is good, then you should have a good score. Reproducibility is naturally wary of saying what a "good" as it is for each lender to interpret.


 The table below can be a good guide:

1. Score of 600 and below - not good - unlikely that any credit card / credit
2. Score of 600 - 700 - can get a credit card or loan, but after some research
3. Score 700 to 750 - Satisfactory
4. Score of 751 to 800 - Well good chance of getting the credit / loan
5. Score of 800 and more - Excellent

Especially the banks are using credit score to lower reproducibility given by the customers whose credit score is below 600. It is still being used by lenders to provide better prices or faster service to consumers with the highest scores.The same will happen over a period of time.

If you spend Rs. 450 once a year?
RS spending. 450 to obtain your credit score, you get to know exactly how your lender will receive, although the lender can also provide the credit report with the score on payment of Rs. 50 only. Despite receiving this report, the lender is bit of a logistical problem. In addition, the report given by the lender does not disclose the names of the lenders, but to the type of record and credit history. In short, it is worth spending Rs. 450 a year for this annual report. Think of this as a penny of financial health check.
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