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Children Winter Activities
Author : shanu
Category : Education
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Children's Winter Activities, Winter Wildlife Journal, Wildlife activities for kids

Children Winter Activities

Children like colourful word and Natural environment. Bringing them the view of our nature, animals and trees help them to educate about our environment.

Wildlife activities for kids are often associated with warmer weather. Yet the animals and their habits during the winter months offer interesting educational discoveries for kids of all ages. Winter wildlife lessons work well in a science curriculum, but they are also practical for youth groups, scouting groups or as educational activities at home. Encourage the kids to expand on the wildlife activities for even more knowledge about the animals.


Winter Wildlife Journal:

    A wildlife journal helps kids track the types of animals they see during the winter months. They can also use the journal to document the activities they see the animals doing in the winter. The journal helps them draw conclusions about wildlife in the winter and how their habits are affected by the season. This activity is even more effective if the journal is continued through the other seasons of the year. This gives the kids a point of comparison for the animals and their behaviors. Kids of all ages can use a science journal. Younger kids simply draw pictures of what they see. You can also add notes that the young students tell you to capture their knowledge.

Winter Bird Feeders:

    Feeding birds in the winter helps them when food sources are scarce. There are several bird feed options that are simple enough for kids to make. Milk cartons are often used as homemade bird feeders. Cereal placed on string or a pine cone covered in peanut butter and rolled in bird seed also works well. Either option easily hangs on a tree branch or in a bush. It is important to continue refilling the bird feeders throughout winter once you begin. The birds grow to rely on the food.

Winter Hike:

    In India Winter hike is i himalayas and some cold areas. A hike in the wilderness is a good way for the kids to see other winter animals. Even a walk around the neighborhood will reveal winter wildlife discoveries. A fresh layer of snow gives them the chance to look for animal tracks. Take a camera along on the winter wildlife hike to capture the wildlife encounters. The pictures taken on the hike work well to create a poster or homemade book to document the findings from the hike. The winter hike goes along well with the journal idea. The kids can document the findings on the hike in their journals once they return to the home or classroom.



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