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Important Days Current Affairs September 2nd Week 2021
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Important Days Current Affairs September 2nd Week 2021

World Lymphoma Awareness Day - 15th September:

Every year on September 15, the world observes WLAD (World Lymphoma Awareness Day). The day is dedicated to raising awareness about lymphoma and the specific emotional and psychosocial challenges that patients and caregivers face when dealing with various types of lymphoma.
♦ Lymphoma Day was established in 2002 by the Lymphoma Coalition(link is external), an international network of 83 lymphoma patient organisations based in Ontario, Canada, whose mission is to enable global impact by fostering a lymphoma ecosystem that ensures local change and evidence-based action. One of their primary functions is to provide a centralised hub of reliable current information as well as a platform for member businesses to share resources, best practises, policies, and procedures.



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