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Important Days Current Affairs July 1st Week 2021
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Important Days Current Affairs July 1st Week 2021

World Sports Journalists Day - 2nd July:

Every year on the 2nd of July, the United Nations declares World Sports Journalists Day. The purpose of the day is to honour the efforts of sports journalists and to motivate them to perform better in their jobs. Many people around the world rely on sports journalists to obtain records in a variety of sports. This specialist has aided in the production of a wide range of games around the world. Sports writers have associations to help them meet their professional obligations. It was commemorated by the International Sports Press Association all across the world and within the United Nations.
The International Sports Press Association (AIPS) founded Sports Journalist Day in 1994 to commemorate the organization`s seventieth anniversary. AIPS was founded on July 2, 1924, during the duration of the Paris Summer Olympics.



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