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National Current Affairs July 1st Week 2021
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National Current Affairs July 1st Week 2021

Enforcing Contracts Portal - Justice Department: 

Enforcement Contract Portal" was unveild by the Department of Justice.
About the portal:
♦ The website (https://doj.gov.in/eodb/) is meant to be a complete source of information about legislative and policy developments affecting the “Enforcing Contracts” parameters.
♦ It offers the most up-to-date information on the operation and resolution of commercial matters in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata`s Dedicated Commercial Courts.
♦ The portal also provides online updates from all high courts on the commercial court-affiliated mediation and arbitration centre, which supervises and promotes institutional mediation and arbitration through commercial cases pre-institutional mediation and settlement (PIMS).
Mumbai Samachar Newspaper Turns 200 on 1st July:
Mumbai Samachar, India`s oldest newspaper, will celebrate its 200th anniversary on July 1. The Gujarati newspaper was originally published in 1822 and is housed in an iconic red palace at Horniman Circle in Mumbai`s Fort neighbourhood. It was formed with the help of a Parsi student named Fardoonji Murazban, who had tried out a variety of various publishing options before settling on this one.
Formerly known as Bombay Samachar, the paper is now known as Mumbai na Samachar in Gujarati. It began as a weekly edition, mostly covering the movement of things over the sea and other business news, such as the sale of property, and passed through several hands before being sold to the Cama family in 1933 due to bankruptcy.

Indian Army Inducts Bridging System by DRDO:

The Army has received the first manufacturing lot of 12 Short Span Bridging System (SSBS)-10m, which were conceived and produced by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in collaboration with the manufacturing agency Larsen & Toubro Limited. The SSBS-10m is critical in bridging gaps up to 9.5m as a single span sup porting a 4m wide, totally covered roadway, allowing troops to move more quickly.
About the SSBS-10m:
♦ Two prototypes of 5m SSBS on Tatra 66 chassis and two prototypes of 10m SSBS on Tatra 88 re-engineered chassis were developed as part of the enterprise.
♦ The bridging system is compatible with the Sarvatra bridging machine (75 m) in situations when the closing span is less than 9.5 m.
♦ The DRDO has already constructed and deployed a number of bridges for the Army.

Guidelines of Flex Fuel Vehicles:

A flex fuel vehicle (FFV) is a modified version of a vehicle that can run on both gasoline and blended gasoline containing various amounts of ethanol.
About Flex fuel vehicle:
♦ In Brazil, these are currently being successfully deployed to give consumers the option of switching fuel sources.
♦ The use of biofuels in vehicle operating is made easier with these flexible fuel cars.
♦ Previously, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways released a Draft notification for mass emission requirements for E 12 and E 15 fuels, easing their use as vehicle fuels.



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