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Environment Current Affairs
Environment Current Affairs July 1st Week 2021
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Environment Current Affairs July 1st Week 2021

Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary - Assam:

In Assam`s Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary, the World Wide Fund for Nature-India (WWF) discovered a few tigers. It is one of the smaller WS in Assam (Wildlife Sanctuary).
About the Sanctuary:
♦ It is in the Baksa and Udalguri districts of northern Assam, on the Bhutanese border.
♦ The Barnadi and Nalapara rivers, respectively, run through it on the west and east sides.
♦ Barnadi was designed to conserve the Pygmy Hog (Sus salvanius) and Hispid Hare (Hippocampus hispidus) (Caprolagus hispidus).
♦ Grassland makes up over 60% of the BWS, with grassy woodland accounting for the great majority.
♦ Tropical moist deciduous woodland (northern limit of Sanctuary) and mixed scrub and grassland are the predominant forest types (southern part).
♦ The majority of the native vegetation has been replaced by commercial plantations of Bombax ceiba, Tectona grandis, and Eucalyptus, as well as thatch grasses.



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