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Defence Current Affairs
Defence Current Affairs June 3rd Week 2021
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Defence Current Affairs June 3rd Week 2021

Work of Krivak Stealth Frigates:

The work on the second Krivak or Talwar class frigate has begun, according to the Vice-Chief of the Naval Staff. The building of the first ship began in January 2021. The first ship would be delivered in 2026, followed by a six-month wait for the second ship.
About the Krivak:
♦ Goa Shipyard Ltd. (GSL) is building the Krivak class stealth ships with technology obtained from Russia as part of the "Make in India" project.
Ukraine provides the engines for the ships.
♦ In October 2016, India and Russia inked an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) for four Krivak or Talwar stealth frigates.
♦ The Yantar shipyard in Kaliningrad, Russia, will construct the first two frigates. The following two will be created in GSL.
♦ Yantar`s previous three frigates, the INS Teg, Tarkash, and Trikand, will be refitted with the same engines and armament as the new Krivak frigates.
♦ BrahMos anti-ship and anti-land attack missiles will be installed on these.
Use: Perform a wide range of naval missions, including tracking down and destroying enemy submarines and huge surface ships.



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