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Important Days Current Affairs June 2nd Week 2021
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Important Days Current Affairs June 2nd Week 2021

World Day Against Child Labour is on 12th June:

Every year on June 12th, the United Nations declares World Day Against Child Labor. According to the International Labour Organization, there are around 152 million teens working in the world, with 72 million of them doing difficult things.
♦ The action taken for the 2021 International Year for the Elimination of Child Labor is the focus of the day Against Child Labour. Act now: End child labour! is the subject of this year`s World Day Against Child Labor. It is the first World Day in commemoration of the public ratification of the International Labour Organization`s Convention No. 182 on the Abuse of Children, which occurs at a time when the COVID-19 disaster threatens to unravel years of progress in addressing the problem.
♦ In 2002, the International Labour Organization (ILO) established the World Day Against Child Labor to draw attention to the global scope of child labour and, as a result, the movements and efforts aimed at ending it. Every year on June 12th, this Day brings together governments, employers and workers groups, civil society, and a large number of people from all over the world to raise awareness about the suffering of young workers and what is being done to help them.




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