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Purpose :

For pursuing studies in recognized schools/ colleges/ institutions to meet: - Tuition and other fees.

Maintenance costs, books and equipment etc.

Cost of passage (for studies abroad).

Eligibility :

For School / College education in India.

  • Minimum second division (Pass marks for SC/ST).
  • Parents / guardians (Including persons engaged in agriculture / allied activities having independent regular source of income.

Loan Amount :

  • School / College education in India : (Upto 6 times the monthly net (take home) income of the parents / guardian. Minimum loan of Rs. 4,000/- Maximum Rs. 1lac.
  • Technical / Professional higher studies in India and Abroad 90% of the cost of study, subject to maximum of Rs. 8lacs.

Margin………………………….. 10%

Interest Rate :

At competitive rates on reducing balance only. Please check-up for latest rates at your nearest branch Interest is compounded at quarterly basis.

Period of Loan :

  • For School / College Education in India : Loans to be repaid in a period of 36months, commencing immediately after disbursal, by the parents / guardian.
  • For Technical / Professional higher studies in India and abroad: The loan is to be repaid is 60 months after the completion of the course of securing job, whichever is earlier. Regular periodic repayment as much as possible should be made during the period of study. Quarterly interest should be paid regularly.
  • Permitted without any penalty.