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Defence Current Affairs
Defence Current Affairs December 1st Week 2019
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Defence Current Affairs December 1st Week 2019

Exercise HAND-IN-HAND 2019 to commence from 7 December:

Exercise HAND-IN-HAND 2019 is to be conducted at Umroi, Meghalaya. The 8th India-China joint training is held under the United Nations mandate. The exercise will be held from 7-20 December 2019. 


The aim of the Exercise HAND-IN-HAND 2019 is to practice joint planning and conduct of counter-terrorist operations in semi-urban terrain. The theme of the 14-day long training exercise is Counter-terrorism. 


From the Chinese side, the Tibet Military command comprises 130 personal who will be participating in the event. From the Indian Contingent, more than 100 personnel will participate in the training exercise.


♦ The exercise will be held at the company level. Respective Battalion Headquarters will control the training.

♦ The exercise will have various lectures and drills associated with counter-terrorist handling and firing with each other`s weapon.

♦ Special heliborne operations and case studies of various operations will be carried out in a counter-terrorism environment. 

♦ The exercise will have two tactical exercises: one on counter-terrorism scenario and the other on Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) operations.

Exercise INDRA 2019 to be conducted from 10 December:
Exercise INDRA 2019 is a joint, tri-services exercise held between India and Russia. The exercise will be conducted in India from 10-19 December 2019. It will hold simultaneously at Babina, Pune, and Goa. 
The exercise will facilitate further strengthening of bonds between the defence forces of India and Russia. It will focus on combatting the threat of global terrorism nations and by countries around the world.
♦ The historic occasion for two of the world`s greatest Armed Forces are participating in the exercise.
♦ The exercise will consist of a five-day training phase consisting of a comprehensive training curriculum.
Training phase:
♦ The exercise will include tactical operations end drills such as cordon house intervention, handling, and neutralization of improvised Explosive Devices, measures to prevent arms smuggling through the sea route and anti-piracy will be practiced. 
Validation exercise:
♦ The exercise will include a 72-hour validation exercise. 
♦ The exercise also included an Integrated Fire Power demonstration.
♦ The contingents of both countries will share expertise and their professional experience.
Contingents, fighter and transport aircraft and ships of respective Army, Air Force, and Navy will be participating in the 10-day long exercise. 
Exercise INDRA:
Exercise INDRA series began in 2003. The First Joint Tri-Services Exercise was conducted in 2017. It will boost cooperation and interoperability between the Indian and Russian navies.



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