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Environment Current Affairs
Environment Current Affairs November 2nd Week 2019
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Environment Current Affairs November 2nd Week 2019

MoEFCC to conduct mass cleaning drive at 10 Indian beaches:

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) plans to organize a mass cleanliness-cum-awareness drive in 50 identified beaches under the Swachh-Nirmal Tat Abhiyaan. The Ministry will award the best three beaches along with a Certificate of Appreciation for all the participating Eco-clubs.


The campaign will be held from 11-17 November 2019. The aim is to clean the beaches and creates awareness amongst citizens about the importance of coastal ecosystems.


MOEFCC has identified a few beaches that are in 10 coastal States/Union Territories (UTs) for the cleaning. The beaches are from Gujarat, Daman & Diu, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha. The beaches were selected after the consultation with the States/UTs.

The campaign will be undertaken by involving district administration, institutions, volunteers, school/college students of Eco-clubs, local communities, and other stakeholders. The drive will be facilitated by the State Nodal Agencies for the Eco-clubs in all 10 States/UTs. MoEFCC officials have also been deputed to monitor the implementation of the drive.

Suranga Bawadi entered the World Monuments Watch List:

Suranga Bawadi has entered the World Monuments Watch List under the Ancient Water System of the Deccan Plateau of the World Monument Funds. It is situated in Bijapur, Karnataka. It is an integral part of the ancient Karez System by which water was supplied through subterranean tunnels. 

Suranga Bawadi:

Suranga Bawadi was built in the 16th century by Adil Shah-I of the Adilshahi dynasty of Bijapur. The system was aimed to supply water to Vijaypura in Karnataka.

Karez System:

Karez System is a method to harness water in which groundwater is brought to the surface by a tunnel. No mechanical pump or lift is used in the system. The water from the underground source was brought by gravity alone. The technology originated in Persia and Iran. This technology was widely used during the medieval period.

Vietnamese mouse deer sighted after 30 years:
Global Wildlife Conservation said that Vietnamese mouse deer, a tiny deer-like species, which was not seen by scientists for nearly 30 years, had been photographed in a forest in southern Vietnam. It was captured in the wild by trap cameras. 
Vietnamese mouse deer is the rabbit-sized animal that is not a deer or a mouse but is the world’s smallest hoofed mammal. These animals are shy and solitary. They have two tiny fangs and appear to walk on the tips of their hooves, and have a silver sheen.
Vietnam mouse-deer:
Vietnam mouse-deer is also known as the silver-backed chevrotain. It is treated as a subspecies of the greater mouse-deer. The animal is present only in Vietnam. Vietnam mouse-deer is among the 25 most wanted lost species that are focused on the Global Wildlife Conservation`s Search for Lost Species initiative.

Goa to ban plastics and pet bottles from 2020 January:

In 2020, Goa has decided to impose a complete ban on the use of all plastics below 50 microns. The state government will also ban all items that are sold in small quantities in plastic packaging. The ban will include sachets, soft drinks, water, and other drinks sold in pet bottles of volumes below 500ml.


The move aims to eliminate the practice of smaller packaging. The first move of the policy will ban smaller packaging and pet bottles. 


It said that the products that are sold in small packets and pet bottles below 500ml are designed as a marketing strategy by companies, where you can finish a 200ml drink bottle in one go, and then discard it. It is expected that the citizens would be roped in, including retired teachers and government officials, to implement the ban at the village-level. The draft rules to implement the ban in November. The ban will be implemented, and the first phase will begin in January. 



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