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Make Beautiful Eassys with adjective clauses
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In my childhood days my teacher gave me assignments to write essays on various topic, in those days i am unable to frame a sentence and make it into meaning full para, One of my favourite sir said me and showed me how to write and asked me to practise it. Essay writing is a skill that requires work and dedication. One factor to consider is syntax, which is the way words or phrases function in a sentence. By incorporating various clauses and sentence types, you can create a well-structured essay that is accessible and readable. Use adjective clauses to add description and information to the nouns in your writing. Here are some of the tips for writing essay.


 1. First, you need to be able to identify an adjective clause. It will begin with a relative pronoun or adverb, followed by a subject and a verb.
    Relative pronouns are words such as who, whom, whose, that or which. Relative adverbs are words such as where, when and why.
    A way to identify adjective clauses is by doing the question test: How many? Which one? What kind?
 2. Recognize patterns. Your adjective clause will follow one of two patterns:
   a. Relative pronoun or adverb subject  verb
   b. Relative pronoun as subject verb
      For example:
   a. Whose dog barked all night
      Whose  relative pronoun. Dog  subject Barked  verb.
   b. Who laughed at every joke
      Who  relative pronoun functioning as a subject Laughed  verb.
 3. Connect your clause to what it is modifying. Adjective clauses don`t stand alone; they modify nouns. So when you are incorporating a clause into your essay, make       sure it is attached to the noun it is describing. For example:
    I went to the sold-out comedy tour with my best friend Jacob, who laughed at every joke.
    She yelled at the man whose dog barked all night.
 4. Sprinkle clauses throughout your writing. Avoid using the same sentence types back to back. So if you are writing a section of your essay that could use more description, you should add it.