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Environment Current Affairs
Environment Current Affairs May 1st Week 2019
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Environment Current Affairs May 1st Week 2019

 1. Healthy Oceans Action Plan 

Asian Development Bank (ADB) launched 5$ billion Action Plan for Healthy Oceans and Sustainable Blue Economies for the Asia and Pacific region. This will support ADB’s developing member countries’ efforts for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), inclusive of the SDG 14: Life Below Water.
Among the 10 rivers that transports 88% to 95% of plastics into the sea globally, 8 are in Asia and Pacific region.
The Healthy Oceans Action Plan was launched at the 52nd Annual Meeting of ADB’s Board of Governors, Fiji.
Healthy Oceans Action Plan will expand financing and technical assistance for ocean health and marine economy projects to $5 billion from year 2019 to 2024.
Under this policy, ADB will also launch the Oceans Financing Initiative (will be done by credit risk guarantees and capital market ‘blue bonds’) which will help in creating opportunities for the private sector to invest in projects for bettering marine health.
The 4 areas that the Action Plan will focus on, are as follows:
creating inclusive livelihoods and business opportunities in tourism and fisheries
conserving marine ecosystems and major rivers
decreasing land-based sources of oceanic pollution, including plastics, wastewater, and agricultural runoff
improving sustainability in port and coastal infrastructure development.



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